Yasmine El Masri

I graduated with a BSc in Biology and an MA in Science Education from the American University of Beirut and taught sciences for 4 years in secondary schools in both Lebanon and UAE. While pursuing my MA, I assisted university professors in various research projects focusing on science instruction and vocational education in Lebanon.

I started my DPhil in October 2010 and am expected to submit mid-January 2015. I am particularly interested in the impact of language on item difficulty and demand. My current research compares various language versions (English, French and Arabic) of the same PISA science tests (PISA 2006) in terms of their difficulty and demands. I am comparing data of three different countries: England, France and Jordan. I am investigating the usefulness and limitations of psychometric techniques as well as value judgement methods in analysing large-scale data. My tentative title is ‘Comparability of Science Assessment across Languages: The case of PISA Science 2006.’

During my time at OUCEA, I have had the opportunity to discuss my research with internationally renowned researchers. I have been involved in various research projects and developed deep understanding of various assessment-related issues. I have had the chance to build a solid understanding of Rasch modelling and worked alongside Professor David Andrich. OUCEA has encouraged me to disseminate my research: I have presented papers at various conferences in Europe and USA. I have also been encouraged to explore various career opportunities. In Spring 2014, I visited the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis and worked with Professor Art Graesser’s team on the use of computational linguistic techniques in assessment. In 2014, I won a summer internship at ETS Global in Amsterdam. Being part of OUCEA has definitely shaped my doctoral research experience and turned it into a thrilling one.


College: St Anne’s