Shailen Popat

I split my time between being West Oxfordshire Service Manager for a large national homelessness charity and being a part-time DPhil Student.  In the past I have founded a social enterprise called RealiZe and worked in school support services for Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire County Councils.  I use alternative curricula and pedagogies to create innovative courses with cutting-edge assessment processes to deliver fun, self-development activities for children and young people.  I am a strategic manager with experience of managing people, buildings and resources over large geographical areas.

Doctoral Research

I am reading for a Doctor of Philosophy degree in which I am examining the interpretation and enactment of the new assessment arrangements in primary schools in Oxford. This project builds upon work that I undertook during my MA Distinction in Educational Innovation at the University of Warwick.  I have successfully transferred to DPhil status and am currently collecting data through interviews with teachers.

Thesis title

How have primary schools interpreted and enacted Assessment without Levels?


Dr Velda Elliott and Dr Therese Hopfenbeck


I am an experienced speaker and moderator and organise regular events at the University with panel members from diverse backgrounds on a variety of philosophical, theological and educative themes.

Topics covered in 2017:

Community Cohesion

Solitude, Aloneness and Loneliness

Conscience, Rules, Pragmatism

How do Education Leaders develop their morality within a neoliberal system?

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Ethnicity and Education in England: How Lammy has distracted us.  Oxford Forum Journal, January 2018

PIRLS for Teachers A review of practitioner engagement with international large-scale assessment results