Jeanne Ryan

I received my B.A. in Classical Languages from Bryn Mawr College and, following a brief stint of post-graduate wandering, became a teacher of Latin and Spanish at the secondary level. After my time spent teaching, I completed an MPhil in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology here at Oxford before shifting to the Education department. Having completed an MSc in Comparative and International Education, I have now moved on to the DPhil programme under the supervision of Dr Therese Hopfenbeck and Dr Alis Oancea.

My research focuses, firstly, upon an analysis of national assessment materials for washback from PISA and, secondly, upon the nature of knowledge as it is assessed in diverse contexts – internationally, cross-nationally, intranationally. I hope to re-address the long-standing duality of Knowledge versus Skills: while much discussion exists of 21st century skills, what of 21st century knowledge?

Most recently, I have been working as a Research Assistant in the project concerning predictability in the Irish Leaving Certificate.

College: St. Edmund Hall; formerly St. Hilda’s