Carol Brown

My academic background lies in Psychology (BSc, London) & Applied Social Studies (MSc/ Diploma in Social Work, Oxford). Following an initial career as a mental health social worker I then qualified as a teacher via the Graduate Teacher Programme and have taught A-level psychology (and some sociology) within Oxfordshire for the past 15 years. Alongside this I have written a number of psychology textbooks, some focused on AS level psychology and several undergraduate texts on developmental, social and cognitive psychology. I have also developed introductory psychology courses for parents and childcare workers, reviewed and produced teacher resources and written online psychology courses for various organisations.

Following employment as a research assistant on an SSAT commissioned project on the underachievement of white working class boys in education I subsequently developed an interest in educational research and my DPhil aims to focus on the relationship between summative assessment and the learning identity of pupils within the English school system, drawing upon my interests and background in both psychology and education. Whilst there is much previous research that investigates the links between education and certain aspects of identity (such as gender or race), relatively little looks at either the relationship between these aspects and learning identity, or at their interaction with the role of assessment specifically. This research therefore seeks to examine this relationship more thoroughly. It has implications not only on a micro level for the development of individual pupils themselves but also at a macro level because the role of assessment in identity formation may have implications for the choices and contributions these individuals later make to society at a political, social and economic level.

College: Wolfson