Standard Setting Symposium

From 28th to 30th March 2017 examination practitioners and academics from around the world came together at Brasenose College, Oxford, to discuss the setting and maintaining of national examination standards in a comparative perspective.

The three-day event consisted of presentations, discussion sessions and workshops, which were carried by the dedication and enthusiasm of almost 50 participants from about 20 jurisdictions around the world.

Kate Kelly (AQA) blogged about the event. Click here to read the blog post.


To view the country cases that were presented during the symposium please follow the links below.




Hong Kong


South Africa

South Korea


USA, The Advanced Placement Program®

Victoria, Australia



 Symposium participants

Prof Gordon Stobart during the dinner speech

 Gareth Pierce presenting the results of a workshop

 Participants in a plenary session

 Participants engaged in debate

 Between sessions