SLATE project: Systematic review of computer-assisted learning and formative assessment

Funder: SLATE, University of Bergen, Norway

Principal Investigators: Dr. Astrid Tolo, Professor Therese Hopfenbeck; Researcher: Jessica Chan

Collaborating with the Centre for the Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE) at University of Bergen, Norway, OUCEA was commissioned to conduct a systematic review on technology and formative assessment.

Over the last decade there has been a rapid expansion of research plotting on technology and learning. The topics are vastly extensive, from technical features of different technological tools and devices, users’ hands-on experiences and other debates around the impacts and effectiveness of technology. As we know, a major aspect of technology is assessment and feedback to learners.

Implementation of formative assessment varies greatly and is often found challenging in classrooms across the globe. With the increasingly popular uses of technology both in and out of classrooms, what role does it play when it comes to assessing students formatively? Does technology assist or not assist teachers in their part of conducting formative assessment? Our review will give a foothold on these.