PIRLS 2016

PIRLS 2016 Results for England



England has significantly improved its average reading performance compared to previous cycles and 2016 marks England’s highest average performance across all four PIRLS cycles.

England’s average performance is among the best in Europe and Year 5 pupils perform significantly above the International Median and.

The large performance gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils in previous cycles has substantially reduced. This is because (I) England’s lowest performing pupils have substantially improved and because (II) boys significantly improved their average performance in 2016.

In 2011, England’s gender-gap was one of the largest across all participating countries, but in 2016, England’s gender-gap is now consistent with the International Median.


PIRLS 2016 National Report for England

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The PIRLS 2016 International Report with comparative findings across all participating countries can be found on IEA’s website here.

Below is a summary of the main findings from the PIRLS 2016 assessment for England. (Click on the image for more information).

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