PIRLS for Teachers project: Team and Publications

Professor Therese N. Hopfenbeck is the Principal Investigator of the PIRLS for Teachers project at OUCEA. Her research interests are focused upon large-scale comparative assessments and the assessment of reading specifically. Dr Jenny Lenkeit is an experienced quantitative researcher and is interested in educational inequalities and the relationship of instructional approaches and performance. Professor Jo-Anne Baird is a member of the PIRLS Research Advisory Group and her research interests revolve around assessment and learning studies.

2015 PIRLS for teachers team

[L-R: Dr Therese N. Hopfenbeck, Dr Jenny Lenkeit, Professor Jo-Anne Baird]

In this project we work with several internal and external partners.

Internal partner at Oxford University, Department of Education: Ian Menter (Director of Director of Professional Programmes, University of Oxford), Vicky Murphy (Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of Oxford) and Juddy Sebba (Director of the Rees Centre, University of Oxford).

External partners: Sue Littlemore (Chief Executive, Education Media Centre), Solvi Lillejord (Director of the Knowledge Centre, Norwegian Research Council), Isabel Nisbet (CEO, A-Level Content Advisory Board), Kath Thomas (PIRLS National Project Manager) and a number of participating teachers and head teachers.

The team at OUCEA has a record of research and publications relating to PIRLS:


National Research Centre for PIRLS 2016 in England (together with Pearson)

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