Project Calibrate

Welcome to the Project Calibrate webpage. This project is looking into what new examination questions can be designed to measure pupils’ understanding of different aspects of practical science and how they work together for coherent understanding of how science works. This is a three year funded project which started in January 2018 and is led by Professor Sibel Erduran and is in partnership with AQA. It is funded by Wellcome Trust (grant number 209659/Z/17/Z)

The research is evaluating different aspects of practical science in the science classroom with Key Stage 4 teachers and pupils.  The project is generating some assessment principles to classify existing summative assessments that engages assessment and science education experts, teachers and pupils in designing, piloting and testing new summative assessments. A series of studies are investigating how new assessments, designed around practical science are viewed by teachers and pupils. The project is a partnership between researchers and assessment experts from University of Oxford, the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) and science teachers and their pupils. The project is (a) reviewing “practical science” by drawing on international research and policy documents, and (b) is using a systemic approach to designing and implementing summative assessments in order to enhance coherence between summative assessment goals, processes and outcomes in relation to practical science.


The project team includes Professor Sibel Erduran, Professor Jo-Anne Baird, Dr Alison Cullinane, Dr Yasmine El Masri , Dr Judith Hillier, Dr Ann Childs and Ms Diana Ng from Oxford University. From AQA, team members include Dr Lena Gray, Dr Ruth Johnson, and Dr Stephen Wooding. Further information about the team members and their role in the project can found in the team member section of this webpage.