First AFLA Advisory Board meeting

On Friday, 30th June 2017, the first AFLA Advisory Board meeting took place in Oxford. Chaired by Professor Jo-Anne Baird the meeting was attended by Dr Maria Teresa Florez and Dr Peter Beets. Prof Nancy Perry traveled from Canada to attend the meeting in person. Further Advisory Board members sent written contributions to the meeting.
PI Dr Therese N. Hopfenbeck and Co-Investigators Prof Pauline Rea-Dickins, Prof Anjum Halai, Prof Yusuf Sayed and Prof Anil Kanjee presented the progress of AFLA and the current stage of the research process and received questions, feedback and suggestions from the Advisory Board on how to move the project forward.


Dr Therese N. Hopfenbeck connecting on Skype with Advisory Board Member Dr Maria Teresa Florez