AFLA Core Team meets in Oxford for a two day workshop

On 23rd – 24th of June the AfLA Core Team met in Oxford for a two day workshop. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for AFLA’s Core Team to all meet up, to strengthen team synergies and to update on the project’s progress so far. The workshop included sessions on the educational and research contexts in Tanzania and South Africa, on research planning, and on AFLA’ Communication and Impact Strategy. Procedural and organisational issues were also discussed. Two invited speakers also contributed to the discussions:   Professor Alis Oansa problematized issues of impact from research with the team and Dr. Niall Winters shared his experiences from an ESRC research project in Africa which involved researchers ‘across continents and contexts’ and provided pointers on what didn’t work so well and what did work well.

At this crucial early stage of the project, there was much to share and  it was of fundamental importance to share ideas and reach common understandings on core aspects of AFLA. Much was achieved during these two constructive days and the AFLA Core Team is now moving ahead with increased enthusiasm and resoluteness.