Professor Nancy Perry

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Professor Nancy Perry is the Dorothy Lam Chair in Special Education and Professor of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. Her research has two main goals: (a) understanding how classroom processes are implicated in children’s development of self-regulated learning (SRL); and (b) working with teachers to design activities and structure interactions with students that support SRL. This work has involved formal partnerships with school districts and the Ministry of Education in BC, as well as national and international collaborations with colleagues at universities in Belgium, Finland, Norway, and currently Cambridge, Oxford, and York Universities in the UK. In the field of SRL.

Professor Perry is a main contributor to our understanding that young children can and do regulate for learning and how classroom tasks, instructional practices, and interpersonal relationships influence their SRL. She is also a leader in the development and use of measures, beyond self-report tools, that reveal children’s self-regulation in situ. Finally, she is a Past President of Division 15, Educational Psychology, of the American Psychological Association, and the Canadian Association of Educational Psychologists, and she has served on editorial boards of the top journals in Educational Psychology, including the Journal of Educational Psychology, Educational Psychologist, and the Journal of Learning and Instruction.