Alex Scharaschkin AEA-Europe Nov-17 Analysing multidimensional ordinal data in attainment-referenced assessment
Yasmine El Masri AEA-Europe Nov-17 Crossing assessment cultures and overcoming the language barrier: The case of Syrian refugees and vulnerable youths in Lebanon & Is knowledge familiarity a good predictor of item difficulty? And Rethinking Webb’s (2007) Depth of Knowledge scale
Therese Hopfenbeck & jessica Chan AEA-Europe Nov-17 How does technology assist (or not assist) teachers in their formative assessment practice?
Josh McGrane AEA-Europe Nov-17 Model parameters, interval scales, and the representational fallacy: Reeducating educational measurement
Diana Ng AEA-Europe Nov-17 Measuring Scientific Reasoning: Construct Validation of the Primary Scientific Reasoning Test (PSRT) using Rasch modelling
Kristine Gorgen AEA-Europe Nov-17 Standard-setting/ maintaining and public trust in national examinations around the world: the effects of structural and contextual issues
Jo-Anne Baird IAEA Oct-17 Assessment as a policy lever
Yasmine El Masri Oxford University Depratment of Education Oct-17 Lessons learnt from working with NGOs in developing contexts
Josh McGrane Oxford University Depratment of Education Oct-17 Measurement with no standards
Therese Hopfenbeck UKFIET Education and Development Forum conference Sep-17 Assessment for Learning in Africa (AFLA): Improving Pedagogy and Assessment for Numeracy in Foundation Years
Daniel Caro Ministry of Education – Peru Jul-17 Analysis of educational effectiveness and equity with longitudinal data – project results