August 2016

42nd International Association for Educational Assessment Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, Setting and maintaining standards in national examinations around the world (Baird, Gray, Isaacs, Opposs)

July 2016

University of Oxford Department of Education Seminar, UK, Education System Effectiveness: Conceptualisation and Measurement (Lenkeit)

June 2016

University of Cyprus lecture series, Correcting for prior achievement bias in international assessment studies of teacher effectiveness (Caro & Lenkeit)

Multilingual Learners in Context, Symposium, Oxford Brookes University, UK, What can we learn from PIRLS? A brief introduction to PIRLS for Teachers (Hopfenbeck)

All Ireland Doctoral Conference in Education, Queen’s University, Belfast, What I wish someone had told me when I was a PhD student about research, impact and interactions with policy makers (Hopfenbeck)

Centre for the Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE) Opening, University of Bergen, Norway, Assessment for Learning (Hopfenbeck)

University of Cyprus lecture series, Investigating the effectiveness of education systems: conceptualisation, measurement and potential explanations (Lenkeit & Caro)

May 2016

Seminar on Teacher Education, Aalborg, Denmark, Learning Strategies: (i) Seminar for students, (ii) Masterclass for students, (iii) Seminar for teacher educators (Hopfenbeck)

Qualitative Methods Special Interest Group Seminar, Department of Education, University of Oxford, UK, Tracing academic writing development as it unfolds: case studies of first-year university students (Usher)

April 2016

Launch of Centre for Assessment Research and Policy in Education, Dublin City University, Ireland, The Future of Assessment (Hopfenbeck)

American Educational Research Association, Washington DC, USA, Norwegian Students’ Test Motivation in PISA (Hopfenbeck & Kjærnsli)

National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum National Seminar, EAL Teaching and Learning in the Early Years, Oxford University, UK, Early Years’ Provision for Young Tanzanians: What are the differences and similarities with UK contexts? (Rea-Dickins)

National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME), Washington DC, USA, Single Stage vs. Two-stage Estimation of Latent Regression IRT Models: Implications on international comparisons (Van Rijn & El Masri)

March 2016

Educational inequality in an international context, British Academy, London, UK, Educational effectiveness with PISA data (Caro)

Educational inequality in an international context, British Academy, London, UK, Instructional approaches and differential effectiveness across learning contexts: Evidence from PISA 2012 (Caro, Lenkeit & Kyriakides)

Ofqual Seminar, University of Warwick. Predicting item difficulty of science assessments: The case of Key Stage 2 tests in England (El Masri)

British and Chinese Education: What can we learn from each other? Seminar hosted by Oxford Chinese Students & Scholars Association, Wadham College, Oxford, UK, Speaker and panel participant (Hopfenbeck) Finding a balance between English and Chinese education, Xinhua News Agency European Times, 19 March 2016

Education and Leadership Studies Seminar, University of Victoria, Canada, Using self-regulated learning to understand students’ writing development during a peer assessment intervention (Usher)

February 2016

Quant Hub seminar, Department of Education, University of Oxford, UK, Correcting for omitted ability bias in teacher effects on student performance (Caro)

Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN), Kiel, Germany. Predicting item difficulty of science assessments: Progress and Challenges (El Masri)

Seminar for Norwegian Schools: Suldal and Erfjord, Oxford, UK, Strategies for Learning and Assessment for Learning (Hopfenbeck)

January 2016

International Conference of the College for Interdisciplinary Education Research (CIDER), Berlin, Germany. Correcting for omitted ability bias in international assessments: An applied example using PIRLS data (Caro)

English as a Growing Medium of Instruction: Implications for the Aga Khan University (invited panel presentation), Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan, Towards a Language Policy: Problematising parameters (Rea-Dickins)