Staff and students delivered the following presentations in 2014.

December 2014

OECD, Paris, France, Workshop: Introduction to R and analysis of international assessments with ‘intsvy’ (Caro)

November 2014

OECD, Paris, France, Measuring effectiveness of education systems with PISA data (Caro & Lenkeit)

AEA-Europe Annual Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, Educational assessment in the 21st century (El Masri)

AEA-Europe Annual Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, Of Schleicher, skills and Shakespeare: the influence of PISA upon literacy assessment in the UK and US, 2000-2014 (Ryan)

AEA-Europe Annual Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, Teaching to 21st century tests: Tensions between a broad education and strategic teaching and learning in mathematics assessment (Taylor)

AEA-Europe Annual Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, Validity as a challenge: Critical analysis of the National Curriculum Assessment System (SIMCE) in Chile (Flórez Petour)

AEA-Europe Annual Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, No mercy at all: Students’ perspectives on the Irish Leaving Certificate – notions of predictability and re-thinking who is authoritative about assessment in a 21st century world (Elwood, Hopfenbeck & Baird)

AEA-Europe Annual Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, Measuring students’ views of the predictability of examinations and their relationships with high-stakes outcomes (Baird, Hopfenbeck, Caro & McManus)

October 2014 

Quant Hub Seminar, Department of Education, Oxford University, UK, Tackling the remaining attainment gap between students with and without immigrant background: an investigation into the equivalence of SES constructs (Lenkeit, Caro & Strand)

September 2014

Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education Seminar, Assessment research at OUCEA (Baird)

August 2014

EARLI SIG Educational Effectiveness, Southampton University, UK, Education system effectiveness: Linking Educational Effectiveness Research and international large-scale assessments (Lenkeit & Caro)

EARLI SIG, Southampton, UK, Causal mediation in educational research (Caro)

EARLI SIG, Southampton, UK, Introduction to R (Caro)

July 2014

International Testing Conference, San Sebastian, Spain, Rater effects (Wolfe, Arce-Ferrer, Cohen & Baird)

May 2014

European Educational Research Association Spring School, Oslo, Norway, Introduction to R and examples with international assessment (Caro)

April 2014

Central Board of Secondary Education and the Centre for Assessment, Evaluation and Research International Conference ‘Global trends in large scale assessment’, Delhi, India, Standards in large-scale testing: Effects of predictability on assessment of higher order skills (Baird)

American Educational Research Association conference, Philadelphia, USA, The Norwegian implementation of Assessment for Learning: Trust, Communication and mutual learning (Hopfenbeck, Tolo, Florez)

American Educational Research Association conference, Philadelphia, USA, Workshop: Analysing international large-scale assessments data with R (Caro)

March 2014

Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, Feedback and assessment for learning: An introduction (Hopfenbeck)

Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, Feedback and assessment for learning: An introduction (Hopfenbeck)

February 2014

Institutions, inequality and the life course seminar series, Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies, University of Amsterdam, Performance status and change: Measuring education system effectiveness with data from PISA 2000 to 2009 (Lenkeit & Caro)

Continuation event of the Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies, University of Amsterdam, Teachers’ instructional profiles and (reading) achievement across educational systems (Lenkeit, Rau and Jordan)