Staff and students have delivered the following presentations in 2018. For previous years, please use the left-hand menu.

Presenter (s)




Kristine Gorgen Oxford University Department of Education Jan – 2018 Surrounded by live data – the challenges of conducting observations in civics courses for adult immigrants in Germany
Therese Hopfenbeck, Jessica Chan, Astrid Tolo AERA New York Apr – 2018 A systematic review on teachers’ implementation of technology-enhanced formative assessment: Insights and implications
Baird, Meadows & Pinot de Moira Oxford University Department of Education May-2018 Public Seminar: Linear examinations
Josh McGrane International Conference on Probabilistic models for measurement, Perth Jan-2018 Some Rasch lessons for and from learning progressions
Diana Ng National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Georgia, USA Mar-2018 Construct validation of the Primary Scientific Reasoning test using Rasch modelling
Therese Hopfenbeck Kent University May-2018 The assessment-for-learning (Afl) movement in primary and secondary education: Lessons for higher education