PISA 2018 Framework

Funder: ETS: Principal Investigator: Professor John de Jong (VU University Amsterdam); Collaborators: Professor Fons van de Vijver, Professor Dominique Lafontain, Professor Andrew Elliot, Dr Therese N. Hopfenbeck, Professor David Kaplan, Dr David Cantor, Professor Kit Tai Hau, Professor Hwa-Wei Ko, Dr Małgorzata Mikucka, Thierry Rocher, Professor Herb Marsh, Dr Ben Jensen, Professor David Kerr, Professor Sarah Howie, Dr Sari Sulkunen, Peter Franklin, Dr Jasmine B-Y Sim, Professor Wing On Lee, Dr Darla Deardoff, Tom Franklin, Dr Myunghee Ju Kang, Professor Jim Schrieber, Professor Jo-Anne Baird, Professor Naomi Miyake, Dr Veronica Mansilla, Professor Alicia Cabezudo & Hans Ruesink.

Pearson is developing the frameworks for the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018 international tests, for which the primary focus will be reading literacy.

These frameworks specify the domain of the assessment, as well as progress in the domain. International meetings of experts are held to discuss the ways in which the frameworks must be adapted to keep pace with changes in the field.

Professor Jo-Anne Baird is a member of the Global Competency Expert Group, which seeks to construct a framework to measure 15-year-olds’ capacity to interact in a global world. This is a new domain for the PISA 2018 tests. Dr Therese N. Hopfenbeck is a member of the Questionnaire Expert Group for PISA 2018.