Completed research projects

Completed research projects carried out by OUCEA are listed below.

Further information on individual projects is available by clicking on the project title in the left-hand menu.


Definitions of examination standards in public examinations internationally (funder: AQA)


Marking evidence review (funder: Education Endowment Foundation, £33,541)

Improving existing models for predicting task difficulty (funder: Pearson Inc, £46,667)

PISA 2018 framework (funder: ETS)

Workshop: Bayesian statistics and analysis of international large-scale assessment data in the R environment (funder: Teaching Excellence Award, University of Oxford, £4,050)


Investigation into the predictability of the Irish Leaving Certificate examinations (funder: State Examinations Commission, Ireland, £90,570)

Assessment and learning: State of the field review (funder: Research Council of Norway, £55,303)

Ethnicity gaps in educational attainment (funder: John Fell OUP Research Fund, £7,463)


Assessment policy processes in Norway (funder: OECD, £44,427)

Rater effects: the use of multilevel modelling to monitor raters (funder: Pearson UK, £29,228)

Predictability of examination questions (funder: Pearson UK, £2,000)

Research evidence relating to proposals for reform of the GCSE (funder: Pearson UK, £6,385)


Marker effects and examination reliability (funder: Ofqual, £40,350)


Policy effects of PISA (funder: Pearson UK, £15,300)