PISA Seminar 2016

On Friday 9th December 2016, 60 people from 18 different countries gathered in Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford to discuss the recent release of PISA 2015.   Participants explored challenges and consequences of the release, and also future directions in research.

The day began with a presentation from Prof. Eckhard Klieme (German Institute for International Educational Research, DIPF) on the design, innovations, challenges and limitations of PISA 2015 [available here], followed by a discussion led by Dr. Therese Hopfenbeck (Oxford University).

This was followed by a presentation by Prof. David Kaplan (University of Wisconsin-Madison) on building optimal predictive models with large scale assessment [available here], and a discussion led by Dr. Lars Malmberg (Oxford University).

Next, Dr. John Jerrim (University College London-Institute of Education) presented the PISA 2015 Results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland [available here], followed by a discussion led by Prof. Steve Strand (Oxford University).

After a networking lunch, Prof. Leonidas Kyriakides (University of Cyprus), presented a synthesis of studies using PISA data [available here] which was discussed by Prof. Pam Sammons (Oxford University).

Yuri Obara (OECD) then provided the audience with insights into OECD’s perceptions of the future of PISA innovations [available here], which was followed by comments from Head of the Oxford University Department of Education Prof. Jo-Anne Baird, and a discussion.

Prof. Sølvi Lillejord (Knowledge Centre, Norway) then summarised the day and provided further discussion points.

Videos of our speakers can be viewed here.

The seminar programme is available here.

PISA SEminar 2016

L-R: Dr. John Jerrim, Professor Steve Strand, Professor Jo-Anne Baird, Associate Professor Therese N. Hopfenbeck, Professor Eckhard Klieme, Professor Pam Sammons, Professor David Kaplan, Professor Solvi Lillejord and Professor Leonidas Kyriakides.


Jo-Anne Baird
Jo-Anne Baird
Yuri ID
Yuri Belfali
Therese N. Hopfenbeck
John Jerrim c
John Jerrim
David Kaplan
David Kaplan
Eckhard Klieme
Leonidas Kyriakides
Leonidas Kyriakides
Solvi Lillejord c
Sølvi Lillejord
Lars Malmberg
Pam Sammons
Pam Sammons
Steve Strand

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