Launch event and first workshops in South Africa

AFLA’s work in South Africa has officially been presented to the public with two launch events and teacher workshops in the two research sites in Pretoria on the 6th of February and Cape Town on the 9th of February.

These widely successful and much appreciated events were organised by Prof Anil Kanjee and his team from Tshwane University of Technology and Prof Yusuf Sayed with his team from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The governments of Gauteng Province and Western Cape respectively co-hosted the launch events.

Principal Investigator Dr Therese Hopfenbeck and Dr Joshua McGrane from Oxford, as well as Advisory Board member Prof Gordon Stobart attended the events and participated in the carrying out of the workshops. Prof Beets, also a member of the Advisory Board, participated in a panel discussion on “Why will AFLA make a difference?” during the launch on the 9th.

IMG_5362 During the launch event in Pretoria.

IMG_5363 Prof Gordon Stobart presenting on the impact of AFLA during the launch event on 6th February.

IMG_5365 Prof Anil Kanjee, Jeanette-Ramollo, Dr Nicoleen Schuld and Prof Yusuf Sayed