Hopfenbeck, McGrane and Stiff attend PIRLS 2016 Conference in Riga

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

(Photo L-R: Joshua McGrane, Therese N. Hopfenbeck, Jamie Stiff and Grace Grima)

Dr Therese Hopfenbeck, Dr Joshua McGrane, and research assistant Jamie Stiff have returned from a four-day PIRLS 2016 (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) conference in Riga, Latvia. They were accompanied by Dr Grace Grima of Pearson, who led the data collection process in England for PIRLS 2016.

PIRLS, coordinated by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), provides internationally comparative data about how well children from different countries read after four years of primary schooling. The study is conducted every 5 years, and 2016 marks England’s fourth participation.

The PIRLS team at OUCEA, who are responsible for delivering the PIRLS 2016 National Report for England, met with delegations from more than 40 countries to discuss results and methods of statistical analysis, as well as the formats of both the international and national reports.

The results of PIRLS 2016 remain strictly confidential until the international release in December 2017. The National Report for England will be released on the OUCEA website at that time.

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