Dr Daniel Caro – updated R package

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Dr Daniel Caro has launched a new version of the R package¬†‘intsvy’ and a new tutorial.¬†New features in the package and tutorial include:

  • architecture of package was completely redesigned and it can now be easily extended to handle data from different international assessment studies with aid of new generic intsvy functions (e.g., intsvy.reg, intsvy.mean) and a configuration file
  • discussion of alternative software
  • more examples of functions for importing data
  • statistical capabilities were extended: a) functions and examples for performing logistic regression and calculating percentiles were added, b) option for standardised regression coefficients was added; c) regression results (e.g., replicate estimates, residuals) can be now stored in objects, examples were added; d) print and summary methods for regression functions were added
  • package was extended to handle data from the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS)

The new package can be downloaded from the R system with install.packages(‘intsvy’).

The new tutorial can be found here.

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