Professor Richard Daugherty

Richard Daugherty was the Director of the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment (OUCEA) from October 2010 to October 2011.

After a first degree in geography at the University of Oxford and a Diploma in Education, Richard Daugherty taught geography at Manchester Grammar School. He was then Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at Swansea University and Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies before becoming Professor of Education and Head of the Education Department at Aberystwyth University.

Richard was also Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Aberystwyth where he is now an Emeritus Professor.  He was appointed Honorary Professor in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University in 2006 and Acting Director, Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment in October 2010.

Richard Daugherty is a member of the British Educational Research Association and of the Geographical Association, of which he was President in 1989/90.  He has had several advisory roles to government in Wales including chairing the Curriculum Council for Wales (1991-93), chairing the Daugherty Assessment Review Group (2003-04) and carrying out an education policy audit (2007-8).  More recently he has been an adviser to the Welsh Government on teacher education and on the school curriculum.

From 1992 until 2010 Richard was a member of the Assessment Reform Group, a group that has brought research evidence to bear on assessment policy developments across the UK and has published reports, articles and pamphlets collaboratively, for example: Assessment for Learning: 10 Principles (2002) and Assessment in schools: fit for purpose? (2009).

Richard was elected a member of the Academy for the Social Sciences in 2002 and was awarded the OBE for services to education in 2005. He chaired the Wales Ambassadors Network of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award from 2005 until 2013.

Richard has been invited to lecture at conferences in the UK and elsewhere, including Oita (Japan), Queenstown (New Zealand) and Bangkok (Thailand).


Richard Daugherty’s early career publications were in geography education including, for example, Geography into the Twenty-First Century (Wiley 1996) co-edited with Eleanor Rawling.   His interest in assessment research dates back to experience as a chief examiner at GCE A level in the 1970s, research on the GCSE exam in the 1980s and involvement in national policies as a council member of the School Examinations and Assessment Council from 1988 to 1991.  He co-directed the official evaluation of the first three years (1994-96) of Key Stage 2 testing in England and Wales and published National Curriculum Assessment: a review of policy (Falmer) in 1996.   He also co-directed the Wales Curriculum Review project (1997-99).

The main focus of Richard’s publications in recent years has been on education policy, especially policies on the school curriculum and on student assessment.  With Gareth Rees and Robert Phillips he co-edited Education Policy-making in Wales (University of Wales Press 2000) and in 2007 he edited a special issue of the Welsh Journal of Education on education policy in Wales after devolution.

Journal articles on education policy have included an investigation into the National Curriculum policy-making  process (British Journal of Educational Studies, 2003) and reflections on ‘evidence-informed policy (Cambridge Journal of Education 2008).   He has also discussed the Assessment Reform Group’s experience of the interface between academic research and education policy (Research Papers in Education 2007).

Recent Publications

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  • OUCEA Research Associate


  • Honorary Research Fellow