Dr María Teresa Flórez Petour

Dr Flórez is an Assistant Professor in the area of Assessment of and for Learning in the University of Chile Department for Pedagogical Studies, where she started working in 2014. She graduated as a DPhil in Education at the University of Oxford, where she studied assessment reform processes from an ideological, systemic and historical perspective.

Dr Flórez’s previous studies in the University of Chile include: Bachelor in Hispanic Language and Literature with a Major in Literature, Bachelor in Education and Secondary Education Spanish Teacher, and a Masters in Literature with a Major in Literary Theory.

Along with her experience as a secondary teacher and as in item constructor for the national university selection test, she coordinated the Language area of the Programme for Continuous Teacher Education of the University of Chile (PEC), where she worked from 2001 to 2009 in coordination roles and as a lecturer in professional development courses for in-service teachers. She was also involved in consultancy work for different units of the Chilean Ministry of Education, related to aspects such as: improving the quality of Language and Communication textbooks, constructing disciplinary and pedagogical standards to guide initial education for primary teachers and piloting and implementing Assessment for Learning in Chile. Part of this consultancy work was carried out through the Centre for Advanced Research in Education of the University of Chile (CIAE).

In the UK she was involved in different research projects, all of them led by members or departmental associates of OUCEA. She worked with Professor Pam Sammons in an international literature review on research evidence on the impact and effects of Assessment for Learning. She also participated with Dr Therese Hopfenbeck, Dr Astrid Tolo and Yasmine El-Masri in the Norwegian case study of the OECD-funded project ‘Governing Complex Education Systems’. After her doctorate she also worked with Professor Jenny Ozga carrying out a critical discourse analysis of Ofsted inspection reports, and with Dr Alis Oancea on a project focused on the development of a configurative approach for capturing cultural value in Arts and Humanities research. During her doctorate she also worked as a PI in a project which involved a critical analysis of the validity of the Chilean national curriculum assessment system, funded by the National Council for Education in Chile.


Dr Flórez’s more recent research interests are related to assessment policies and discourses in connection to history, politics and ideology; the development of complex theoretical and methodological models to study assessment policies and reform processes; the validity of high-stakes assessment systems; Assessment for Learning and its implementation in different contexts.

Journal articles

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Policy and research reports

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