AERA Roundtable Session

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Dr Hopfenbeck gave a presentation at the Roundtable Session on Teacher Practices and Judgment in Student Assessment together with Professor Sølvi Lillejord and Dr. Kristin Børte.  The presentation, entitled Potential Impact of Research on Assessment for Learning: A Systematic Review of Reviews, analysed 14 reviews of Assessment for Learning (AfL), (2 meta-reviews, and 12 empirical reviews), with the aim of eliciting stated implications and findings in the approximately 600 primary studies reviewed. The primary goal was to analyse how researchers use their findings to advise teachers on practising/the practice of classroom assessment. The synthesis indicated that advice tends to be more concrete when assessment is domain-specific. The assumption is that this may have an impact on the likelihood of it having a research impact. The systematic review concluded with knowledge gaps and implications for further research.

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