Director Associate Professor Therese N. Hopfenbeck

Professors Jo-Anne Baird and Pauline Rea-Dickins

Research Fellows Dr Daniel Caro, Dr Jenny Lenkeit, Dr Yasmine El Masri, Dr Joshua McGrane

Research Associates Professor David Andrich, Professor Richard Daugherty, Professor Jannette Elwood, Dr María Teresa Flórez Petour, Professor John Gardner, Professor Art Graesser, Professor Louise Hayward, Dr Dougal Hutchison, Professor David Kaplan, Professor Anil Kanjee, Dr Michelle Meadows, Professor Sølvi Lillejord, Professor Gordon Stanley, Professor Gordon Stobart, Associate Professor Astrid Tolo, Dr Jon S. Twing, Dr Matthias von Davier and Dr Edward W. Wolfe

Departmental Associates Associate Professor Victoria Elliott, Associate Professor Jane McNicholl, Professor Alis Oancea, Professor Jenny Ozga, Professor Pam Sammons, Professor Judy Sebba, Professor Steve Strand and Professor Kathy Sylva

Administrator Eleanor Gaspar

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