The Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment has a Management Group which meets termly and a Joint Advisory Board which meets annually.

Management Group membership

Department of Education Director

OUCEA Director

Department of Education Administrator

OUCEA Administrator

Joint Advisory Board membership

Sir Jonathan Phillips (Chair), Warden, Keble College, University of Oxford

Mark Anderson, Managing Director, Pearson UK

Professor David Andrich, Chapple Chair in Education, University of Western Australia

Professor Jo-Anne Baird, Director, Department of Education, University of Oxford

Dr Rose Clesham, Head of Assessment Research and Design, Pearson UK

Professor Richard Daugherty, Emeritus Professor, Aberystwyth University and Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Professor John Gardner, Deputy Principal (Education and Students), University of Stirling and Visiting Professor, University of Oxford

Professor Caroline Gipps, Visiting Professor, Institute of Education, University of London and former Vice Chancellor, University of Wolverhampton

Associate Professor Therese N. Hopfenbeck, Director, Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment

Dr Kathleen Quinlan, Head of Educational Development, Oxford Learning Institute

Professor Jim Tognolini, Senior Vice President, Research and Assessment, Pearson plc